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New Zealand Aeronautical Trusts Ltd was incorporated in 1956 as a trustee company to hold the proceeds of the funds raised by the Walsh Memorial Air pageant Organisation.

The Royal Aeronautical Society Divisional Council gave more countrywide recognition to their activities, and personalities included (from Wellington) George Carter, Edmond A Gibson, Tom Coleridge, Bertram Cornthwaite and George Woodward; and (from Christchurch) Arthur Smaill, Wilton Johnston and Arthur Brazier.

The function of New Zealand Aeronautical Trusts Ltd is to act as trustees to hold and administer funds lodged with it and to abide by the terms of the several trusts declared at the time of receipt of moneys. Whilst founded on the back of the Walsh Memorial Organisation’s efforts, it became convenient to also use the company as the custodian of other funds which were from time to time offered for specific purposes.

There are elsewhere recorded the details of the various awards and scholarships for which the Company holds capital funds, but the point must be fully appreciated that every dollar is subject to a declared trust. Even the seemingly general funds are subject to the trusts of the Walsh Memorial Organisation which generated them.

The Directors of New Zealand Aeronautical Trusts Ltd are responsible for achieving the aims set down for the Company. The Company seeks to make present and future generations aware of the significant contribution the two Walsh brothers made to the development of civil aviation in New Zealand, and where appropriate to act as a vehicle for the management of later Trust funds for individuals acting independently or through the current Divisional Council of the Royal Aeronautical Society.